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Martino is faithfull

Tata Martino admitted that the problem with his team is its irregularity, and assured that “the only thing that I must do is train my team and try to get them to play better. I don’t feel the need to motivate my players. The other day we had a bad game”.

“We are irregular, the worst thing for the team. But they are alive, they have pride, grit and courage”, he said.

Regarding City, the manager commented: “The best thing is to think as if we were going out to play with the score at 0-0. Under no circumstances should we think about speculating with the overall result. Agüero’s presence is unnerving. As is Nasri, Touré and Silva’s”.

“I need to be strong and powerful, otherwise I shouldn’t be a manager. We have many more positive matches to play”.

“I am not listening to all of the criticism. We are still in La Liga, we are in a good position in the Champions League and have the chance to win the Copa De Rey. I think we have failed in different moments for different circumstances. But if we want to focus on three defeats we have had this season, we were defeated in different ways”, he said.

“One day we can play well against Manchester City, then badly against Real Sociedad and Real Valladolid. This is not something a team wants. If we play well, the criticism will change. I have to focus on the football, not what is happening outside of the football”, Martino added.

“Every time we lose a match, of course, the aftermath is not good. We have been talking individually to the players and the players have also talked themselves. We have good players. Maybe there’s not been much participation from Carles Puyol, who is a natural leader. But I believe there are leaders in the team. I don’t think the problem of the team is a lack of leadership”, Martino concluded.