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What is wrong with Barca?

Barcelonais currently adrift in a sea of confusion, something that was unthinkable at the start of the season when everything was going according to plan. The team was getting ready to kick off the new season, having just signed one of the most exciting players in the world: Neymar. Club members and fans were on cloud nine. The board was meeting its financial commitments to settle the debt left by the Laporta regime. There was stability at the top with Sandro

Rosell leading the way
There has been huge change in just six months.Barca fans are bewildered, confused, and above all, unable to comprehend why this is happening, even less how it is all going to end.

It all started with Cases’ complaint. What had seemed like the outburst of a fan hell bent on being the centre of attention, finally erupted into complete disaster. Rosell buckled under the pressure and stepped down.

Rosell’s departure saw Bartomeu promoted to the top job, a replacement legitimised by the club’s statutes. Despite this, a number of the club’s fans do not want a non-elected president, especially when he has proposed redeveloping the Camp Nou, something that was not on the electoral programme and will cost €600m.

When all is said and done, members and fans alike are moved by how well the team is doing, whether the ball is hitting the back of the net or not. There were no problems whilst the goals where flying in. That is not the case now.

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