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Barça’s bad boys

Luis Enrique knows that his Barcelona future relies on improving his relationship with Messi. This isn’t the first time that the team’s star player has caused problems for an ‘Azulgrana’ manager though.

Cruyff: got shot of Weisweiler for subbing him

Weisweiler dared to substitute Cruyff after 70 minutes in a Sevilla-Barça match, and he dug his own grave in the process. The Dutchman placed the club’s then president, Núñez, between a rock and a hard place, saying: “Either he goes, or I do”.

Núñez wasn’t brave enough to stand up to the star, which cost the German his job. Cruyff had been temperamental for some time by then, and he and the manager had had a number of memorable spats.

Schuster: fighting everything and everyone

His rage after losing the final of the European Cup against Steaua went down in footballing history, and it ended up being the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.

Schuster had already developed numerous ‘differences of opinion’ with the club for a variety of reasons. This was another sign of his rebellion and it resulted in the German joining Real Madrid, which had previously been unthinkable.

Romario: The only player that dared to ‘stand up’ to Cruyff

The player’s nightlife was a headache for Johan Cruyff, and his naughty night-time antics were so common that they eventually resulted in him being forced out of the club. The Dutchman never managed to keep the Brazilian under control.

Romario was one of the few players that dared to stand up to him and ignore his decisions. However, Cruyff himself admitted several years later that he made a mistake with the player.

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