Officials announced for opening round of Copa América fixtures

The Referees Commission of CONMEBOL has announced the list of officials who will take charge for the first six games of the Copa América.

Nestor Pitana of Argentina will be the referee for the tournament’s opening fixture on Thursday, as hosts Chile take on Ecuador in Santiago.

Colombian Wilmar Roldan, along with compatriots Alexander Guzman and Cristian De La Cruz, will officiate Argentina’s first fixture, against Paraguay in La Serena.

Brazil, meanwhile, open their campaign against Peru on June 14. Mexican referee Roberto Garcia has been handed that game, which takes place in Temuco.

Chile v Ecuador
Nestor Pitana (Argentina)
Assistant referees: Hernan Maidana and Juan P. Belatti (Argentina)
Fourth official: Joel Aguilar (El Salvador)

Mexico v Bolivia
Enrique Caceres (Paraguay)
Assistant referees: Rodney Aquino and Carlos Caceres (Paraguay)
Fourth official: Andres Cunha (Uruguay)

Uruguay v Jamaica
Jorge Argote (Venezuela)
Assistant referees: Jorge Urrego and Jairo Romero (Venezuela)
Fourth official: Jorge Osorio (Chile)

Argentina v Paraguay
Wilmar Roldan (Colombia)
Assistant referees: Alexander Guzman and Cristian de la Cruz (Colombia)
Fourth official: Julio Bascunan (Chile)

Colombia v Venezuela
Andres Cunha (Uruguay)
Assistant referees: Mauricio Espinosa and Carlos Pastorino (Uruguay)
Fourth official: Enrique Caceres (Paraguay)

Brazil v Peru
Roberto Garcia (Mexico)
Assistant referees: Jose Luis Camargo and Marvin Torrentera (Mexico)
Fourth official: Raul Orosco (Bolivia)


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